EndoMarch – A Month of Awareness 

This Sunday marks the end of endometriosis awareness week in the UK, and awareness campaigns are taking place all over the globe during the month of March. Yesterday, on the streets of Barcelona I took part in my first EndoMarch, along with other sufferers and their friends and family. The event was organised by Endo&Cat and … Continue reading EndoMarch – A Month of Awareness 


Post-Op Pick-Me-Up!

Earlier this year, I had my second laparoscopy and this time around it took a little more out of me than I’d expected and longer to recover from than my first. I had tried to be pretty prepared (as much as I could be with one week’s notice for my surgery date) and I even had … Continue reading Post-Op Pick-Me-Up!

Endo Your Confidence?

Contraction-like pains and cramps, nausea, fatigue and back pain are just some of the main physical symptoms that are often cited in articles about endometriosis, and with good reason. Although different sufferers can experience different levels of these symptoms, they can often be pretty brutal. But what about the other effects? Confidence and self-esteem can also … Continue reading Endo Your Confidence?

Endometriosis – Still a beginner five years later

Trying to explain something you're still getting to grips with yourself can be tricky. Even several years on from a diagnosis. So if you don't fully understand your situation, how on earth do you make others understand? And yet I suspect there are so many of us out there, struggling with an illness or disease that's still a … Continue reading Endometriosis – Still a beginner five years later